Friday, July 8, 2011

What are the benefits of Membership Pricing?

As you browse through, you'll notice several prices listed on most items: Average Retail Price, Non-Member Price and Member Price. Average Retail Price describes the average price that item is listed at throughout various e-commerce and physical furniture stores. But what is this Membership and Non-Membership pricing about, and is it necessary to purchase it in order to buy our items?
First off - no, it is not necessary for anyone to purchase membership pricing if they would like to place an order with us. We welcome everyone. But if you are looking to purchase more than a couple of items, then membership pricing may be beneficial to you. Although the difference between a non-member price and a member price may look small, it can add up. Restaurants looking for new seating options love membership pricing because they often need to order dozens of chairs, tables, and bar stools to accommodate all their customers. Saving $5-10 per item, really cuts the stress of shelling out their hard-earned money in order to provide a better dining experience. Interior design firms, schools, offices, hotels, and even the average homeowner benefits from this discounted pricing. Residential customers love membership pricing when they are looking to redecorate their home. Purchasing a new sofa, dining set, bed set, and coffee tables can really add up.
Members can also receive incentives on special products. Certain items, such as the Bergh Dining Set CT66-SO, offer a $10 gift card to our store with purchase.
So how do you get Membership Pricing? It's easy! Head over to the Membership page and you have the option of purchasing a monthly membership package or a yearly membership package. Monthly memberships are offered at $4.99/month, at a 6 month minimum. Yearly memberships are offered at $38.99. Select which option you think would fit your purchasing needs best, and add it to your cart. Checkout as usual, creating a customer account with your email address. Once this order is placed, your account will be upgraded to Membership status and from here on out, each item you add to your cart will reflect the membership price. Remember to log in to your account before you start shopping to apply the discount to to your purchase!
So head over to to take advantage of our membership and non-membership deals!

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